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India’s 1st Uber Luxury Home Furniture company retailing across the world.

Uber Luxury Furniture, featuring over 250+ globally trending collections for living rooms to dining areas, bars, bedrooms, wardrobes, kids/teenage rooms, home offices, and outdoor spaces. From contemporary to modern, and eclectic designs, we offer an unparalleled selection where your search for the perfect piece concludes. Crafted with precision in our state-of-the-art factory, using the finest raw materials, each item embodies iconic cutting-edge design while retaining the timeless essence of Indian craftsmanship.

57 +

Living, Dining & Bar

76 +

Sofa & Chair

74 +

Bedroom & Wardrobe

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Kid's Room

51 +

Outdoor Furniture

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Home Office

The New Benchmark in Luxury Home Furniture

Our products are the embodiment of ideas realized through a fusion of global design, fashion and art, traditional artisanry and cutting-edge production processes. Elevate your living experience with the definitive standard in luxury furniture.

57+ Living, Dining & Bar Collections

Globally trending Uber Luxury 36+ Living rooms, 30+ Dining Rooms & 26+ Bar Collections.
With the most cutting-edge design pieces ranging from Modern Contemporary to Eclectic themes.

Abeesh Dining Table

Aspi Centre Table

T.V. Console-1

Chamrosh Bar Unit

76+ Sofa & Chair Collections

Exclusive range of Uber Luxury Sofa & Chair Collections featuring 98+ Modular Sofas, 126+ Armchairs, Accent chairs & Swings, 32+ Ottomans, 41+ Poufs, 20+ Loungers and 7+ Recliners.

Callisto three seater sofa

Pari Chair

Cassandane Sofa

Leora Single-Seater Sofa

74+ Bedroom & Wardrobe Collections

India’s largest assortment of Uber Luxury Bedroom Collections and one of a kind Bespoke Luxury Wardrobe Collections. Each collection embodies the epitome of global design trends including tech & automation within the furniture.

Gelshah Collection

Angra Collection

Abarjaa Collection

Gargar Collection

Bunesteeh Collection

Khaawar Collection

Estella Collection

Zora Collection

Hamchun Collection

Gelshah Bed

Gelshah Hinged Wardrobe

Ajaman Bed

Anaenaah Walk in Wardrobe

9+ Kid's Room Collections

India’s 1st Luxury Kid’s Room Furniture with 9+ globally trending theme-based collections for Children & Teenagers showcasing beds, wardrobes, dressers, study desks, consoles & storages.

Polo Collection

Arshama Collection

Vahbiz Collection

Antares Collection

Farshogar Kid's Collection

Vahbiz Collection

Farshogar Kid's Collection

Arshama Bunk Bed

Arshama Three-Shutter Wardrobe

Renwick Bunk Bed

Meteor Study Desk

25+ Home Offices Collections

Uber Luxury World’s First Smart uplifting 25+ Home Office Collections

View All

Agas Collection

Feredyun Collection

Tishtar Collection

Armon Collection

51+ Outdoor Furniture Collections

Luxury Outdoor Furniture boasts Outdoor Sofas, Outdoor Chairs, Outdoor poufs & Ottomans, Outdoor tables & Firetables, Outdoor Bars, Lounger & Daybeds, Outdoor stools, Swings & Hammocks, Pavillion, Parasol & Pergolas.

Cuba Collection

San Andres Collection

Carribbean Collection

Havelock Collection

Barra Daybed

Aoba Single Seater Sofa

Fauro Bar Counter

Cuba Coffee Table

Discover Products

Abarvand Bed Sidetable

Centre Table

Susa Console

Gelshah Island Bar

Bahman Buffet Unit

Gira Mini Bar Unit

Borneo Three-Seater Sofa

Cuba Dining Chair


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Living, Dining & Bar


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Bedroom & Wardrobe


Kid's Room


Outdoor Furniture

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Home Office

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