Sustainability & ESG at Della

We work everyday to better our surroundings through the Power of Design. Environmental consciousness finds expression in every aspect of Della’s work. It is manifested in how Della develops and manufactures its products, in the sourcing of raw materials and the organisation of its supply chain. Every new insight is regarded as an opportunity for further development.

We envision the next multiple years for Della as a journey of redefining our impact on the environment and society. We're committed to leveraging creativity, design's force, and innovative technologies to drive transformation. Our strategy, is based on - Purposeful Creation, Environmental Consciousness, and Empowering Lives. We're also devoted to adopting circular practices, sustainable materials, safeguarding natural resources, and uplifting communities intersecting our endeavours, all backed by time-bound commitments.

For several years, our founder Jimmy, has been a staunch advocate of ESG principles. To this end, he created, under his stewardship a
Global ESG Community comprising of 70+ members worldwide to champion this cause.

Rooted in family values, Della operates as a first-generation business spanning manufacturing, shop floors, offices, and our dedicated sales force. Our people-oriented ethos is evident in every facet of our operations. Over the years, our associates have wholeheartedly embraced the ESG methodology, reflecting our commitment to environmental, social, and governance values.

Deeply committed to CSR, we champion inclusivity and diversity at Della, fostering a work culture where our employees thrive in an environment of respect and collaboration. Our dedication to these principles is at the core of our CSR initiatives, as we continuously strive to make a positive impact on our team and community.

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