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I firmly believe the future of projects is

Collaborative Design

We see it all around the world but never in the luxury interior space. For the first time in India, Della is pioneering a collaborative approach to envision and materialise truly iconic projects.

We bring you the best of both worlds, giving you access to legendary architects and designers that create iconic projects in collaboration with Della which brings you state-of-the-art infrastructure, project management & execution skills, services design, finishes consulting, luxury factory manufacturing of pin to piano interiors across 16 product lines.

Build Something Iconic

Collaboration is the highest calling of creative excellence, seen across creative industries but rarely in the interior luxury space. That changes now.

We are Mad About Design
We design & build iconic projects invoking a sense of awe & inspiration

We are creating the world's largest platform for collaborative design with some of the finest boutique architecture, interior design firms, consultants and design professionals.



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Select a collaborative
Architect | Interior Designer



Select a collaborative
Architect | Interior Designer

je ne sais quoi

a quality that cannot be described or named easily

We collaborate to design and conceptualise Iconic projects that improve lives, invoke joy and create a profound sense of
awe and inspiration.

An X factor, a certain je ne sais quoi







Design Approach
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Select from a range of the finest Global/Indian interior design firms whose design sensibilities align with yours.


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Turnkey Design, Manufacturing & Execution

We are not just an Interior conglomerate; we are a Design Powerhouse. With 25+ years of experience in pushing the boundary to create iconic Home, Offices & Hotels.

We are your Innovation
Design Partner
While having a vision is important, we believe execution is the
crux of any creation. What Della offers is the luxury of working
with a single entity from concept to completion.

Legacy Arch./Designers

Bringing to you the architects and designers we look up to, our collaborative design approach gives you access to the finest creative names, complimented with Della’s infrastructure for your turnkey project at a fixed cost.

Iconic Global Designs

Our global presence allows us to catch design trends early, and infuse it in our creations, making Della a tastemaker backed by a 30 year legacy of conceptualising and executing large scale projects.

Product Design Studio

Made in India for the world, we obsess about global design trends. Every curation is executed with impeccable quality. Our expansive range spans 5,000+ unique pieces across 16 product categories.

Manufacturing Factories

Company owned and outsourced factories, manned by skilled craftsmen and the latest technology; we possess the ability to control and demand the highest level of quality of every raw material and product.

Experiential Retail

The ease of choosing pin to piano of iconic products under one roof, creating a unique luxury retail experience that spans across 50 acres in Lonavala.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

The backbone of our ability to execute projects on a much faster timeline is thanks to our in-house supply chain, warehousing and transportation facilities that enable effortless accessibility.

Redefining Global Luxury

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Redefining Global Luxury

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We Design & Build Iconic Projects Invoking A Sense Of Awe & Inspiration

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