Ground zero to grandeur - 5 star tented resort in 12 months
When we walk into a beautiful boutique hotel or an architecturally designed commercial space, it is easy to take for granted all the creativity and effort manifested in these beautiful spaces. At DELLA, we are very proud to have often played an essential part by fabricating many signature pieces for some of the great hotels. Our Team has created, sketched, designed, and fabricated all kinds of custom goods and fittings for these spaces; by providing exactly what our customers require for each and every space. We consult from beginning to end on these projects offering samples and prototypes, often following consultations at our workshop.
Creating Elegance in a Year: From Scratch to Splendour in Luxury Hotel Design
Client Services
Our multidisciplinary hospitality team creates memorable guest experiences and branded workplace environments that empower staff.
Our versatile hospitality group crafts indelible guest experiences and conceptualizes branded workplace settings that inspire and empower our workforce.

Master Planning

Based on methodical research and analysis, we plan for the complex balance of elements needed for projects to be successful, sustainable, and attractive while maximizing the effective use of the total asset.


Master Planning

Based on methodical research and analysis, we plan for the complex balance of elements needed for projects to be successful, sustainable, and attractive while maximizing the effective use of the total asset.

Architecture Design

Our architects combine their deep industry expertise with emerging trends across all sectors, to craft memorable hospitality experiences. As a full-service firm, we bring global resources and exceptional solution to each project.

Landscape Design

Specialized curation of outdoor environments that seamlessly merge visual allure with ecological consciousness. By carefully selecting flora arrangements with hardscape elements, considering local ecosystems. Creating outdoor sanctuaries that embody both beauty and sustainability.

Lighting Design

Aiming to create an atmosphere that complements the purpose and mood of a space while prioritizing energy efficiency. Aspiring to seamlessly integrate natural and artificial light sources to emphasize architectural features, guide movement and evoke the ambiance of the Space.

Reception Concepts

Our conceptualization captivates the aesthetics and operation of the front-of-house settings that embody the hotel's distinctive character. We craft spaces that harmonize ambiance and functionality delivering exceptional guest experience.

Room Designs

Our Designers create unique guest accommodations that harmonize comfort, visual appeal, and pragmatic design. Developing distinctive spaces that encapsulate the hotel's ethos. Elevating guest contentment and relaxation to the forefront.

F&B Interiors

Conceiving captivating environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics, operations, and engaging dining experiences. Exceling in innovative spaces that authentically reflect a brand's culinary identity.

Structural Engineering

Our dedicated team of in-house structural engineers ensures that all the technical aspects are seamlessly integrated into the designs right from the project's inception.

MEP Engineering

Our expertise ensures optimal design and implementation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for hotel projects, enhancing comfort and efficiency.

Modular Camp designs and Engineering

Our focus entails the meticulous creation and engineering of flexible, eco-friendly living spaces designed for diverse applications and geographical settings, employing modular construction approaches.


Our Desire lies in manufacturing of hotel elements, encompassing a wide range of tailored furnishings, fixtures, and design elements that enhance the distinctive ambiance and functionality of hospitality space


Our brand design teams are storytellers who create engaging experiences utilizing a comprehensive approach. By integrating interior design, communications, messaging, graphic design, signage, and wayfinding, we design hospitality environments that immerse people in a brand’s philosophy.

Back-of-house Solutions

Our expertise encompasses the complete cycle of hotel back-of-house design and manufacturing, combining innovation and spatial planning with streamlined production processes. Crafting functional and efficient operational spaces with Details supporting elevated efficiency in a hospitality establishment.

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