Della by Jimmy Mistry offers exquisite high-end interior supply solutions for homes, offices and hotels. Our complete room solutions inspire living through unique designs, high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless elegance.

With an online catalog of over 2500 exclusive products across various categories, organised by collections for easy navigation you are sure to find what you are looking for. The product range includes Della Furniture, Lighting, Bathroom, Kitchen, Doors , Tiles, Flooring, Wall Cladding, Outdoor, Decor, tableware, furnishings and Nursery showcased to provide seamless shopping solutions in-store and online. Della Design Gallery houses our best home and office collections giving a complete understanding of the look and feel that the products will create. Blurring the lines between retail and hospitality, we are offering a unique experience where you buy what you see in the design gallery's extended Villa rooms.

We often work with Architects and Interior Designers to curate interior design for rooms using Della products however do not cater to any form of customisation and execution. We supply, while a partner company can execute our complete room collections for a fixed additional price.

Please drop a message here, for queries related to complete supply solution

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